Baku, a city of exotic modern fairytale

Those who visited Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, described it as a super-modern city haunted by the glory of Singapore and Dubai. Baku is full of skyscrapers, ideal roads, delicious food, luxury boutiques, and boasts a sea.

Hospitality is felt everywhere. Azerbaijanis are very proud of their capital and are happy to show it to tourists who are warmly welcomed.

Azerbaijan as a Muslim country, is a completely pro-European. In it you will rarely meet women with covered heads, and alcohol is on sale.

Built according to plan, down to the smallest detail

Ideal roads, very expensive shops and luxury boutiques, pompous buildings beside which antique buildings and ultra modern skyscrapers coexist peacefully.

The luxury of oil power in Baku is felt everywhere. The city is very rich – everywhere you look you will find marble and gilding. Baku resembles Dubai, but at the same time has its own special stamp.

It is not a typical post-Soviet city, but a large, modern metropolis that is constantly growing and evolving. Moreover, unlike the cities in the Persian Gulf, Baku did not have to be built from scratch, as it already had a rich history.

Interestingly, Baku is somewhat reminiscent of the capital of England, for example, with the Ferris wheel, surprisingly similar to the “London Eye”. It is a very harmonious city. The Heydar Aliyev Center, which looks like an alien ship, is especially beautiful. This is a complex consisting of a museum, a concert hall and a library, whose architect is Zaha Hadid.

The capital of Azerbaijan amazes not only with its beauty, but also with its purity. New parks and squares are constantly being built here, there are many trees in Baku that save locals and tourists from the heat.

Another interesting seal of the city are the flaming towers. In Azerbaijan, fire has been revered since ancient times, so they decided to build skyscrapers that look like flames.

In the old part of Baku, you get the feeling that you are in medieval Europe. Quiet, dreamy streets interwoven with the spirit of antiquity. Unlike the rest of the city, there is no need to hurry. The old cafes create a proper, authentic atmosphere, and the many souvenir shops complement the spirit of this part of town.

At night, the capital of Azerbaijan shines and trembles, full of buildings, sculptures and parks. It is difficult to understand what kind of city it is, whether it is more Asian or European. But one thing is for sure – you will not find a city like Baku anywhere.

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