Brown color – a trend in interior design

People are increasingly preferring brown as the main color in the interior, and designers say that this color brings warmth and comfort to the room. People want a little more warmth in their space, but they want neutral colors, and brown leaves the impression of softness and neutrality. Designers believes that the change to warmer […]

Home office decorating tips

It is very important to provide space that will motivate you to be productive. Experts discover home office decorating ideas… CHICK CORNER Your workspace should inspire you and reflect your unique character, so do not be afraid to be creative. One of the ways to enrich your home office is to get an impressive lamp, […]

Tricks for a seemingly larger living room

When it comes to the home, we often focus on the condition of the kitchen and bathroom, the size of the bedroom or the capacity of the closet. We often sacrifice the spaciousness of the living room to get, for example, a larger yard. But this does not mean that the living space should not […]

Cute corner for newborn babies

Before the baby is born, in addition to purchasing some of the most basic things, one should prepare or at least think about a suitable room or space for it. It is best to provide a separate room for your child if you can. It should be close to yours, to make it easier for […]

Light up the interior – in the right way!

The way you light up the interior will define the atmosphere and the feeling of a pleasant stay in that space. It does not matter if you place floor, wall lamps or chandeliers in the room, because each type of light illuminates the space in a different way. Various styles of floor lamps are in […]

Feng Shui Rules: The Best Home Plants

According to the rules of feng shui, plants are an element of the tree and should be placed in the south, southeast or in the north of the house. Each plant brings different energy to the space, find out which ones are the best… The best feng shui plants Pachira Pachira is one of the […]

The colors you choose to decorate your living space reveal your character

Interior design experts claim that the characteristics of the host can be read in the color that dominates the space in which he lives. Colors like yellow, orange, etc. bring a certain warmth and positivity. All colors that relax us are recommended to be in our environment – yellow as the sun, turquoise as the […]