Untouched Seychelles beach on the Greek island of Ikaria

It is known as the “Jamaica of the Aegean Sea”, and due to its isolation it is not crowded with tourists. This pebble beach is located in a small picturesque place, full of interesting rock formations, and the specific color of the sea is not found anywhere else. In addition, it is an ideal place […]

European cities that are most beautiful in autumn

Autumn just did not hug us with both hands. The sun slowly stops associating with us, and the green leaves turn yellow. The day is getting shorter and the sweaters are thicker. The euphoria for the autumn that is overwhelming is felt everywhere. With the end of summer, your adventures around the world do not […]

Why are autumn trips more beautiful?

Many associate travel with the summer because of the vacations that are usually organized during the warmer months. But there are many reasons that make autumn the ideal time for a trip. The weather is moderate, there are not so many tourists to the popular destinations, and the colors of nature are magical, so we […]

5 England villages that look like they came out of Agatha Christie novels

Although London is the most attractive destination in the UK, there is something that simply amazes visitors to British countryside. Here are some of the most interesting authentic, but also unique villages, which stand out with their British charm: A place with an unusual collection In the Cotswold Hills area of Gloucestershire is a green […]

What are the 3 safest beaches in Greece for summer 2021?

Lefkada, Preveza and Corfu are the places that according to European Best Destinations are the safest given the pandemic, and why exactly? We spent too long at home and we all need rest and escape from the difficult situation, but still, many want to stick to a safe option and not take risks. For that […]

Country with a peaceful soul

Attacks on tourists are almost non-existent in this country. Some minor problems with the law, such as wallet thieves, have been reported, but such offenses are reserved for “tourist” areas, such as airports, public transportation, and popular city attractions. This is not surprising given that Singapore is known to have one of the lowest crime […]

Sea pearls: Note them on your wish list!

How does the idea of escaping to a desert island sound to you this summer? OK, it does not have to be very “desolate”, but to leave the daily worries behind, our perfect island should be either an undiscovered tourist pearl or far enough away that we can not meet a neighbor or acquaintance on […]