Continental has introduced its concept of sustainable tires

At a time when all manufacturers are paying close attention to sustainable mobility and reducing emissions, it makes perfect sense for tire manufacturers to present their vision for the future – and that is exactly what Continental has done.

Continental started the presentation of the new Conti Green Concept with the statement that it wants to become the most progressive tire company by 2030, in the context of environmental and social responsibility.

Green Concept goes beyond the mere introduction of a new tire model. The concept aims to minimize the resources required at each stage of production.

According to Continental, the new Green Concept are sustainable from the very beginning, ie from the moment of finding and using the basic materials, all the way to the ways to extend the lifespan.

What does that mean?

This means that more than half of the materials needed to make Green Concept come from recycling or renewable sources.

Among other things, natural dandelion gum, rice husk silicate, and other vegetable oils and resins are used – all of which contribute to a significant reduction in the use of crude oil-derived materials.

In addition to 35% of renewable materials, 17% of the materials required for Green Concept come from recycled materials – from recycled steel to technical carbon. The tires also use plastic from recycled plastic bottles, and this technology will be used as early as next year.

Finally, even the tire used for the tires is 100% natural Taraxagum natural rubber, which allows multiple use of the same base and multiple application of a rubber coating.

Finally, it is worth noting that although Conti Green Concept is just a concept, the technologies and approach that Continental has introduced with these tires will find their serial use – and sooner than expected.

Continental has already delivered Volkswagen ID Life concept tires – and it will enter mass production in 2025!

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