Djokovic did not succeed, Medvedev celebrate the final of the US Open

Novak Djokovic failed to win the US Open, as he was stopped in the final by Danil Medeved with 6: 4, 6: 4, 6: 4.

The best tennis player in the world failed to write the history of “white sport”, he failed to climb the tennis Mount Everest, but once again he showed how much of a champion he is, regardless of the fact that he remained in 20 Grand Slam titles.

He simply came across someone better than himself in this duel – inspired, in a good mood, ready. He tried Novak, looked for solutions, played volleyball, but Rus had the answer to everything, and he also served great, made a few mistakes and that brought him the first Grand Slam title in his career.

As for the match. The Russian made one break in the first set and it was enough for him to win the first set. In the second, everything would probably be different if Novak used one of the three break points. He missed that, then the 25-year-old from Moscow managed to reach the break, which he held until the end of the set.

In the third, it seemed that everything was going to get Danil the most convincing, he led 5: 1, but … The Serbian ace raised the level of the game, returned one break, but it was too late for the second, so Medvedev celebrated after two hours and 17 minutes of play.

The audience cheered on “Arthur Ashe” for Novak, she also wanted to be a part of writing tennis history. Even the Serb cried before the start of the last game.

This was a replay of the final of the Australian Open, and then Djokovic beat the Russians. Now this one has taken revenge.

And finally, the next Grand Slam is in Melbourne, and you know very well who is the boss there.

THIRD SET: Djokovic – Medvedev 4: 6, 4: 6, 4: 6

4: 6 – Novak failed.

4: 5 – Djokovic wins two games in a row. He is still there at “Arthur Ashe”, but the Russian serves to win the tournament for the second time.

3: 5 – Novak reaches the first break in the match. Medvedev made two double serve errors in the game. Now it is not easy for Russia either.

2: 5 – The world number one manages to extend this final for at least one more game.

1: 4 – Novak scored in the third set on the scoreboard, but he has a hell of a hard job ahead of him, but let’s wait and see when the last point will be played.

0: 4 – Danil Medvedev is getting closer to the first Grand Slam title in his career. He plays very well and victory is at hand, but … let’s wait.

0: 3 – Djokovic made a mistake on the net and sent a volley into the out, which gave the Russian tennis player a two-break advantage in the third set.

0: 2 – Novak had to get at least a break opportunity, but he sent one relatively easy ball into the net, after a not very great drop shot by the Russians. In the end, Danil confirmed the break after the game, which was played on the difference.

0: 1 – This is not good! Medvedev does not give up. He made a break at the start of the third set and is well on his way to reaching his first Grand Slam title.

SECOND SET: Djokovic – Medvedev 4: 6, 4: 6

4: 6 – Medvedev won the second set, a difficult situation for world number one. He has not faced this at the US Open. However, he managed to make up for two sets of minuses against Stefanos Cicipas in the Roland Garros final.

4: 5 – Novak managed to extend the set for at least one more game.

3: 5 – Daniel won another game without losing a single point. Novak serves to stay in the second set in the next one.

3: 4 – Djokovic managed to get out of a not at all pleasant situation. It was 15:30 and the service didn’t serve, but Novak somehow managed to find a way and win the game.

2: 4 – Medvedev easily keeps the serve now. He did not allow the rival a single point and is getting closer to take the lead with 2: 0 in the grand final

2: 3 – Djokovic did not succeed, but Danil did, he was the first to reach the break in the second set and now he is the one who has everything in his hands.

2: 2 – Medvedev survived the game again. Our ace had two break chances again. They were magically saved by others in the world. First with a great volley, and then with a backhand parallel. It should be said that at the first break ball, the referee damaged Novak. The Serb made a great return to the second serve, and then Damien Dumusoa exclaimed nec, although it was clear that the ball did not catch the top of the net.

2: 1 – Novak faced one break ball, he saved it with a serve winner, then an ace followed, and then the end of the game with a great volley on the net.

1: 1 – Unbelievable, what the Russian got out of it. Djokovic had three break opportunities, the first one was an exchange. Then the 25-year-old from Moscow found a service and managed to get out.

1: 0 – This is important! Djokovic easily won the introductory game of the second part of the match. Novak has already been in this situation in New York four times, losing the first set, and then reversing the result.

FIRST SET: Djokovic – Medvedev 4: 6

4: 6 – Medvedev served incredibly in the first set, finishing it with eight aces. He really didn’t let Novak even think about a break. This part of the match lasted only 37 minutes, and the Russian lost only three points on his serve

4: 5 – Novak managed to stay in the set. It was 30:30, but then the Serb found good shots and forced the Russian to solve the first set with his serve.

3: 5 – Medvedev continues to send bombs. The service works perfectly and does not allow the slightest opportunity for the opponent to endanger him. For now, he has the effect of 11/11 when he scored the first serve.

3: 4 – Fast play. Seven games were played, and the match lasted 26 minutes. From the initial break of the Russians, fast games have been played. Djokovic played great last year and you could see several masterpieces on the net of the Serbian ace.

2: 4 – Medvedev does not stop when it comes to service. That brings him easy points for now and there is little exchange for now.

2: 3 – The best in the world retaliated with the same measure. And he has now recorded two aces and also won a game with zero.

1: 3 – An incredible game of Rusian tennis player. Two aces, a service winner and a forehand parallel and a game is over in less than a minute. For now, the kick-off for another player on the planet is working great.

1: 2 – There were problems, Danil had two more opportunities to make a break, but she came to the aid of the first serve. He tied Nole three good serves, two of them aces, and scored on the scoreboard in this grand final.

0: 2 – The second tennis player in the world easily confirmed the break. He lost only one point, and at the same time he recorded two aces.

0: 1 – It didn’t start well. The Russian immediately made a break. Novak served poorly, the initial shot didn’t work.

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