If you do not have these items in your home, do not forget to get them today.

These items should be found in every home. According to the rules of feng shui, they bring happiness and a flow of positive energy. Make sure you have these 5 items in your home. If the answer is no, do not forget to get them.


You can find them everywhere, and you have probably seen them in someone’s house, but do you know why they are considered amulets of happiness? The tradition dates back to ancient Ireland and their legends and stories.

Some say she will drive all bad people out of the house, and some legends claim she will keep bad people away. Whatever is true, place it above the front door to protect the household.

Turtle symbols

Just as it is believed in Ireland that it is good to have a horseshoe in the house, so according to the rules of feng shui, the turtle is believed to protect the home and is a very strong symbol. Whether it is a real turtle shell or a plastic version, it should be a strong guardian of the home, and placed on the front door.


Chinese culture explains bamboo as a plant that is an integral part of every home. In order for good energy to circulate, this plant must take its place in your home. The advice is to keep it in the living room.

Red colour

Red is associated with happiness in several cultures. The Chinese always look forward to the New Year dressed in red and put money in red envelopes. In India, many young people wear red dresses as a symbol of purity and prosperity. A vase or a red carpet will suffice to protect you.


Whether you keep it in a pot or on a window, according to the tradition of the northern countries in Europe, it will protect you and give you strength as strong as the tree on which acorns grow.

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