Ronaldo is also in vain, United lost to Young Boys, four penalties in Sevilla

The players of Manchester United started the season in the Champions League with a visit to Switzerland against the Young Boys, but the “Devils” lost with a turnaround with 2: 1.

United were the big favorites in this match, and if it were not for the exclusion of Aaron Van-Bissaka, the English giant would probably have gone home with all the spoils. Thus, they were forced to defend at least one point, and in the very finish they were left without it.

The guests took the lead in the 13th minute, and the goal was the work of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese scored his 135th goal in this competition in his 177th appearance, and the goal was preceded by a fantastic assist by Bruno Fernandez.

At that moment, it seemed that United would easily come to a triumph, but everything changed in the 35th minute. Due to the sharp start, Van-Bisaka received a direct red card.

With a player less, United defended until the 66th minute, and then Ngamelu after the cross from the right side beat De Gea for 1: 1.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made several substitutions after this, took out both Ronaldo and Fernandez, and completely decided to defend his goal, in order to win at least one point on the road.

That turned out to be a mistake. Lingard made a mistake when adding to his goal, and that was used by the guests who came to a big victory late in the extra time.

It was played in the same term in Spain, where Sevilla hosted Red Bull Salzburg, and both teams played a match that is rarely seen in the Champions League.

Although the final result 1: 1 does not say anything special, still the match was anything but normal, especially in the first half.

Namely, the main referee of the match, Alexei Kulbakov in the first 40 minutes of the match awarded as FOUR penalties!

Three judgments in favor of the guests, and one in favor of Sevilla. Out of four penalties, the players of both teams used only two, which is even more incredible…

The first penalty was awarded in the 13th minute for the guests, and Adejemi was inaccurate. Only eight minutes later, a new penalty, and this time Luka Suќi. Was precise, scoring for the lead of his team.

The Croatian international got another chance to score a new goal from the penalty spot in the 37th minute, but his shot went near the goal.

At the end of the first part, the referee decided to “honor” the hosts with at least one penalty, and a reliable scorer was Ivan Rakitic.

There were no more penalties in the continuation of the match, and the nets were still, so both teams had to be satisfied with the division of points.

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