The colors you choose to decorate your living space reveal your character

Interior design experts claim that the characteristics of the host can be read in the color that dominates the space in which he lives.

Colors like yellow, orange, etc. bring a certain warmth and positivity. All colors that relax us are recommended to be in our environment – yellow as the sun, turquoise as the sea, blue as the sky, green as the forest.

If black gives pleasure to a person, then his room should be black. According to some typical stereotypes, the color red indicates a passionate person, but it may also be someone who follows trends in a strange way and thinks he is chic.

However, some experts believe that they have been able to recognize the rule and that according to the color of the walls, they can guess what kind of person lives among them.

Check your experience.

Yellow, orange and peach are attributed to open, energetic, warm people.

People who use warm tones are always cheerful and friendly.

But they are more than that – people who like yellow are supposedly intelligent and adventurous.

People whose home is dominated by soft shades of pastel blue and green, love nature. They remind them of a clear sky or a huge field, which they love in their home. For them, the home is an oasis of peace in a busy world, from which it can be concluded that they are more withdrawn, dumb people.

On the other hand, the strong and elegant colors of precious stones (ruby, sapphire, amethyst, topaz) are chosen for the home by people who prefer luxury and opulence. They are open, confident, creative and elegant. But the glow of gemstones is also perfect for covering up flaws.

People who usually choose stable, neutral tones for their space – granite and marble, white, gray, brown, beige and ivory – are practical people who do not follow trends blindly.

The walls, on the other hand, look neutral in earth tones, so they allow bolder color combinations for furniture – and here you can look for some features of the host of the house.

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